Dallas 24 Hour Club


We have been searching for a way to highlight individuals who give their support and gifts to Dallas 24 Hour Club because without their support we wouldn't be able to continue our mission of helping the homeless alcoholic and drug addict with a fresh start of a life of sobriety. 

To showcase these individuals, we have created the Dallas 24 Hour Club “All Stars”, which are a group of individuals who over our 50 year history have devoted their time and energy to support our organization and mission to provide safe, sober transitional living for homeless men and women seeking a brand new life away from drugs and alcohol. Their tireless efforts have led The 24 through very difficult times and most recently established a bright new future for The 24 with a new facility. Each month we will announce which community members will be included in our “All Star” group. Please help us thank and congratulate these individuals and their unwavering support of Dallas 24 Hour Club.



4636 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204



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