Tillman House

Since 2021, Tillman House has provided an affordable sober living community with support to encourage long-term sobriety for Graduates of Dallas 24 Hour Club.


The 24's Graduates Current Sober Living Options -

Why Tillman House IS the solution!

  • Affordable, apartment-style sober living programs are a scarcity

  • None have a continuum of care. A "step down" option offers a better chance at strengthening the graduate's recovery as a foundation for long-term sobriety

  • Stress of transportation issues and lack of structure, support and accountability contribute to an increased rate of recidivism

The Case for "Step Down" Sober Living Apartments

This program will offer:

  • Affordable housing with continuum of care provided: trained, on-site staff, recovery requirements and random drug testing

  • "Real life" opportunities to learn how to live life independently: life skills, credit restoration, budgeting, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. in a safe, structured environment

  • Opportunity to build a stronger foundation of Recovery by sponsoring others, honing Step Work and participating in sober Fellowship opportunities

  • Opportunity to reconnect with family members, especially their children in a more "normal" living environment

The Anticipated Outcomes

  • Increase The 24's maximum capacity by 53% (from 78 residents at The 24 plus 41 Tillman House residents = 119 total residents) which will shrink The 24's Wait List, since we can offer the option to discharge to a solid, safe, local apartment. Opens up beds more quickly for those who are in need of immediate access to crisis help and stabilization

  • Takes away the stress of moving far away from their "sober family" members and home-like, family environment. (Tillman House is a ten-minute walk from The 24, HOME BASE!)

  • Expectation that the recidivism rate will be reduced by a significant percent. Our hope is that this can be replicated in other communities across the country


Meet Byron

Successful Graduate and Kitchen Supervisor

Byron arrived at The 24 in August 2020 with hopes of starting a brand new life of recovery. In January 2021, he was hired as the Kitchen Supervisor for The Hubcap Cafe, located inside Dallas 24 Hour Club. In March, Byron moved into Tillman House as one of The 24's Successful Graduates.

"Sometimes God's way of looking after you is by placing people around you who support and build you up when you're down and broken. That is exactly what The 24 has done for me. Marsha, Tim, and everyone on staff at The 24 has had an intricate part of who I am today. At 40 years old, this is the longest sobriety date I have ever had. Additionally, I now own my first credit card, I drive my first car, I have my first checking account, and I'm entering my second semester in school. With the opening of Tillman House, I'll even have my first apartment. For the past 25 years, I've considered myself a convict and addict, but The 24 showed me that my life is so much more than that. As long as I stay on the path of recovery and keep drugs and alcohol out of my system, I have the potential to do great things and in return give back to the recovery community.