Since 1969, Dallas 24 Hour Club has provided safe, sober transitional living for homeless men and women seeking a brand new life away from drugs and alcohol.

Dallas 24 Hour Club was founded in 1969 by Lee Tillman and friends to have a place open 24 hours per day for individuals suffering with alcoholism who were seeking help. Over the next 50 years, Dallas 24 Hour Club grew to offer housing, the first with 6 beds for homeless men only, to our current facility, which has 75 beds, services for both men and women, and hosts 37 12-Step Recovery Meetings each week. We are open 24 hours per day, thus the name Dallas 24 Hour Club.

  •  Provide shelter and housing for up to six months per stay for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at a minimal cost.

  • Act as a liaison between our residents in need and service agencies that might fulfill those needs.

  • Provide a place for 12-Step recovery groups to hold meetings.

  • Provide a venue for 12-Step fellowships to assist others in achieving sobriety.

  • Provide an environment to make those who want recovery or want to support recovery welcome.


The public is welcome to come to Dallas 24 Hour Club to attend recovery meetings, provide service to our residents and enjoy our full-service restaurant. Information on recovery, Ross Avenue recovery meetings, and our services are available upon request.