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The goal of the Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life! is for Residents to achieve sustained, stable, and independent living post - Dallas 24 Hour Club.


Named after one of our key supporters, Stuart Bright who passed away in February of 2022, the Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life! is designed to offer our residents, alumni and members of the public the opportunity to build strong life skills through robust in-person and on-line classes. In turn, this will allow them to earn a living wage and live independently on a successful basis. Stuart's family, friends, along with his company, Bright Industries have made this program possible. 

Stuart Bright
1978 - 2022

Monthly Classes will be held on a topic from the six essential Life Skills: Financial, Employment, Education,
Technology, Self-Care and Legal. Multiple c
lasses under each category will be offered throughout the year. All “in person” classes will be filmed and uploaded to the website for others to take advantage of or to review.


Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life!

Saturday, November 12th

9:00am - 10:15am

*open to all 24 and Tillman House Residents, alumni, and community members

Speaker: Dr. Maureen Jamieson Quilling

Dr. Maureen Jamieson Quilling, Doctor of Chiropractic, is native to Dallas with strong roots in the community and over 30 years of professional experience in medical health and wellness. In addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in functional manual medicine and mind-body techniques, she is also a certified yoga instructor. She provides holistic pain management through traditional chiropractic, nutrition, holistic medicine, and physical therapies. Dr. Maureen Jamieson Quilling also instructs intelligent yoga classes that focus on remodeling the client’s inner architecture to support natural pain management, health, and wellness for all ages.

For more information on the Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life!, please email

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