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History of Dallas 24 Hour Club

In 1969, Lee Tillman founded Dallas 24 Hour Club as a place to be open 24 hours per day for individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction who were seeking help.

The story night about midnight in June 1969, Lee was 12-Stepping a man when the building was getting ready to close. Lee tried to explain that he couldn’t leave this man whom he was trying to help. Words were exchanged and Lee and this man were forced to leave before finishing their conversation. This incident had such an affect on Lee that he came up with the idea for The 24. A few weeks later, he opened Dallas 24 Hour Club.

Over the years, Dallas 24 Hour Club has grown to include our facility on Ross Avenue with 78 beds and our Tillman House, an 18-unit apartment complex with 41 beds. Each year, we help over 600 people get off the streets, find employment, reconnect with their families, learn to live independently, and most importantly, recover from drugs and alcohol.


"You guys are doing what we dreamed of."

Lee Tillman
Founder of Dallas 24 Hour Club

New Facility on Ross Avenue

In 2017, the Construction Community in Dallas led by KDC, HKS, Balfour Beatty and The Beck Group rallied together to build our new facility on Ross Avenue at a 95% pro-bono basis. The new facility opened in March 2018 and has stayed consistently full. In the first 5 years of the new facility, over 3,000 homeless men and women have received the much needed support to get off the streets and recover from drugs and alcohol.

Wayne, 2018 Alum

"When I came to The 24 in 2018, I had recently been kicked out of a program after a relapse, and I didn't have anywhere to go. The 24 took me in and gave me hope when I didn't have any. There was a time in my life when drugs were my whole life. Today, I sponsor other men like me, who came in just like me with no hope. I carry the message and help others. I am also working towards my Peer Recovery Coach Certification. I love The 24!"

HKS and Construction Community 2017

HKS and Construction Community 2017

Tillman House Residents_edited.jpg

Tillman House

Tillman House opened in March 2021 as an affordable sober living community with support to encourage long-term sobriety for Successful Graduates of Dallas 24 Hour Club. Just a 10 minute walk from The 24's main facility on Ross Avenue, Tillman House enables Residents to graduate from The 24 without worries of where they will live and how they will obtain home necessities such as furniture, kitchen supplies, etc. The year long program offers "real life" opportunities for Residents to learn how to live independently. In 2022, Tillman House had a 65% success rate.

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