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The 24 Program

The program at Dallas 24 Hour Club consists of three Phases which provide structure, support, and accountability in a step-down module. Program Managers and other staff provide daily hands-on guidance and direction 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The goal is for Residents to maintain long-term sobriety and become contributing and self-supporting members of their community.

Phase 1
Gain a Reset on Life

Location: Dallas 24 Hour Club on Ross Avenue

Program Length: up to 30 days

During Phase 1, Residents are required to find a Sponsor, begin working the 12-Steps, and secure full-time employment. They are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner through The Hubcap Cafe located onsite at The 24. Residents sleep on a mat in the Phase 1 room and are required to attend the last 12-Step meeting of the day. If Residents are not employed, they must be off property between 9am-2pm looking for a job and must abide by the zero-tolerance curfew. Residents are breathalyzed nightly and drug tested on a scheduled and random basis. Phase 1 provides Residents a reset on life including self-care/hygiene, and routine life skills such as house chores, time management, financial obligations, nutrition, in a home-like environment. All Phase 1 Residents are mentored by a Phase 2 and a Phase 3 Resident within the first seven days of intake, which provides an immediate sober support network.

Phase 2
Learn Life Skills and Habits to Live Independently on a Successful Basis

Program Length: up to 5 months

Location: Dallas 24 Hour Club on Ross Avenue

As Residents make progress in their sobriety through the 12-Steps and in their life, they move to Phase 2. By this time, the Residents have reset their internal clock. They are now eating regular, nutritious meals, attending meetings daily and maintaining full-time employment. Rules such as curfew and meeting requirements are lessened because they have earned the trust of the staff and their peers. Residents are drug tested and breathalyzed on a random and scheduled basis. They are expected to mentor new intakes regularly and participate in daily house chores. Residents who have earned the privilege may take overnight passes to approved locations which helps them reestablish family connections.

Phase 3
Final Step in Becoming a Contributing and Self-supporting Member of the Community

Location: Tillman House

Program Length: up to 1 year

Successful Graduates of The 24 are welcomed to apply to Tillman House, the fully furnished, apartment style sober living within a 10 minutes walk from The 24's facility on Ross Avenue. Tillman House Residents gain experience outside of communal living with 24 staff and policies and their 24 sober community. Tillman House has a dedicated Program Manager and two onsite Resident Staff Liaisons to provide structure, support and accountability, along with continued random drug and alcohol tests. Residents are encouraged to work on their savings, repay debts, reconnect with family members, engage in a weekly service commitment, mentor Phase 1 Residents as needed, maintain full-time employment and continue their long-term sobriety. Additionally, Residents are able to increase their earning capacity through higher education from Dallas College and Texas Tech University. Phase 3 is the final program step in helping Residents transition from homelessness to living independently on a successful basis.

Programs and Services

<h3 class="font_3">Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: <em>A Brighter Life!</em></h3>

Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life!

Monthly sessions with industry professionals to help 24 Residents and alumni learn life skills so they can live independently.

<h3 class="font_3">Women's Empowerment Program</h3>

Women's Empowerment Program

Female Residents and alumni attend sessions to improve communications, build self-esteem, and recover from abusive relationships.

<h3 class="font_3">Parkland HOMES Unit</h3>

Parkland HOMES Unit

Medical and behavioral health services are provided to the Residents through Parkland HOMES Program.

<h3 class="font_3">Recovery Job Training Program</h3>

Recovery Job Training Program

Resident Staff Liaison employees who wish to work in the treatment industry receive Recovery training, licenses and experience.

<h3 class="font_3">Dallas College <em>WorkReadyU</em></h3>

Dallas College WorkReadyU

Free trade certification courses in a variety of topics are available for Residents, so they can learn the necessary skills to earn a living wage.

<h3 class="font_3">Resident Dental Program</h3>

Resident Dental Program

Thanks to the Creek Tea Cup Foundation, Residents receive free dental care from Dr. Kim Freeman and The Grace Center.

<h3 class="font_3">Kitchen Training Program</h3>

Resident Kitchen Training Program

Designed to be a "hands on" learning experience for Residents who desire to enter the culinary field post-Dallas 24 Hour Club.

<h3 class="font_3">Texas Tech University <em>CCRC</em></h3>

Texas Tech University CCRC

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities works with our Residents so they can earn their degrees either in-person on campus or online.

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