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Tillman House provides an affordable sober living community with support to encourage long-term sobriety for Graduates of Dallas 24 Hour Club.

The Importance of Tillman House to The 24

Tillman House Services

  • Provide affordable housing with trained, on-site staff, Recovery requirements and random drug testing. Apartments are fully furnished with furniture compliments of Nebraska Furniture Mart, linens, kitchen equipment and service ware, and cleaning supplies

  • Residents are required to attend three Recovery meetings per week, attend weekly House Meetings, submit to random drug testing, keep their apartment clean and tidy, and have continuous employment

  • Provide "real life" opportunities to learn how to live life independently: life skills, credit restoration, budgeting, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. in a safe, structured environment

  • Provide the opportunity to build a stronger foundation of Recovery by sponsoring others, being a Mentor to a 24 newcomer, honing Step Work, and participating in sober Fellowship opportunities

  • Provide the opportunity to reconnect with family members, especially their children in a more conventional living environment

  • Provide list of Resource Partners who provide many of their services for our Residents needs

  • Provide a solid "next steps" plan for independent living with encouragement to stay connected to The 24

Stephanie, 24 and Tillman House Alum

"Before I came to The 24, I was very broken. I drank every day, starting around 6 in the morning and all throughout the day. I had damaged relationships with my kids and my family. I wasn't living; I was existing. I had tried treatment many times before, but nothing ever stuck. I always relapsed. When I arrived at The 24, I started meeting people and everyday, I became a little bit more me. It became like a family. I had support and things were happening for me instead of to me. Today, I have a relationship with my family. I feel free and not like I'm rushing home to drink now. The 24 and Tillman House have been a true blessing." 
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