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Join us for this year's
Dallas All Star Chef Classic

October 20th from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Dallas 24 Hour Club provides transitional living, support services, and essential life skills for homeless alcoholics and addicts, so they can embrace long-term sobriety and become contributing and self-supporting members of the community.

Dallas 24 Hour Club - 2023

Dallas 24 Hour Club - 2023

Our Services

Each year, Dallas 24 Hour Club helps over 600 individuals get off the streets, find employment, reconnect with family members, learn to live independently and most importantly, embrace recovery.


Transitional Living

The 24's 6-month program provides safe, sober living for Residents while they are getting back on their feet. Within the first 30 days, each Resident is required to find a Sponsor, begin working the 12-Steps, and become fully employed.


Meals and Care

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for Residents for the first 30 days. All toiletries and linens are provided throughout their entire stay.


Structure and Accountability

Rules and guidelines are in place at The 24 to help the Residents transition into independent living. All Residents have daily chores and responsibilities to maintain their home at The 24.


12-Step Meetings

37 12-Step Meetings are hosted by the Ross Avenue Group on property each weekly. The public are welcome to attend.



Dallas College's WorkReadyU program offers a no-cost adult education program for The 24's Residents so they can learn the skills needed for college or career success. Residents can choose from a long list of classes, including Welding, Culinary, Hotel Hospitality and more.


Life Skills

Launched in 2022, the Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life! offers Residents, alumni, and members of the public the opportunity to build strong life skills through robust monthly in-person and online classes.

Harrison, Alum

“The love, compassion, lack of judgment, and true notion of hope pulled me in from day one. I will forever be in debt to the environment that The 24 provided me to be saved from this horrible disease.”

Ben, Alum

“Even after I burned two chances provided by The 24, they still welcomed me back with open arms. If it weren’t for The 24, I would still be in a hopeless state of mind and body. My greatest achievement is becoming a volunteer firefighter. With the past that I have, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible.”

Patty Milam, Supporter

“We love Dallas 24 Hour Club because it represents hope. It is a place for a new beginning. I love what I've heard Marsha Williamson say to a homeless person, "You don't have to stay where you are." I started using those same words of encouragement as I handed out the packets to homeless individuals.”

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