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<h3 class="font_3">JOE PITCH</h3>



Joe Pitch, Executive Vice President/Senior Commercial Lender, specializes in building and developing banking relationships with owner-managed, middle market commercial and industrial business customers. He has more than 30 years of experience in commercial banking and equipment financing and leasing in the Dallas market. Pitch joined the Bank in 2014. He earned a business degree from Seton Hall University.

He was invited to join the board in 2019, a perfect opportunity to serve where he could be of benefit and provide my financial experience. Though he did not have a personal connection to recovery, he was familiar with Recovery Healthcare and had a heart to help others.

He is grateful for having served almost 4 years to a terrific organization that performs a vital function in the Dallas community, has grown immensely over the years and continues to get strong financial support from the Dallas community.

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