Gabriel Pimentel, founder of What a Curious Idea

Gabriel Pimentel, 24 alum and Friends of The 24 board member, created "What a Curious Idea" a podcast and blog with the notion of "what can I learn from other people"? Gabriel invited Adrienne Santaularia, Communications & Development Director, and April Horton, Administrative Assistant, to the join for a podcast session. Read more about Gabriel below and listen to the podcast with Adrienne and April here.

1. What is your connection to Dallas 24 Hour Club? I was a resident in late 2015 right out of jail. The "two-four" was suggested as the place to go because I had no connections in Texas at all. The two-four took me in. Now, I am a board member of the Friends of the 24 and serve the current residents.

Gabriel Pimentel, creator of What a Curious Idea

2. How has your life changed since being at The 24? I went from a man with no home, friends, or family. A man with no respect from others, to the point that instead of not inviting me, I would be explicitly told not to come under any circumstance to whatever event. The only thing on my mind was another drink, and nothing would stop me; children, women, nothing would stop me. That was the man that walked into the 24. Today, since the 24 gave me a place to grow in relationship with a power greater than myself, God has given me the following gifts: marriage with my best friend, the opportunity and means to own a home, no debt, the trust and respect of my peers, and a podcast that seems to be taking off.

3. What brought you to start the What a Curious Idea podcast? I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast in late 2019 and thought "how hard can that be?" Then I started having political debates with friends and had another thought "what can I learn from other people? Whether we agree or not, what can I learn?" So I prayed, brainstormed, sought the counsel of the wise and brilliant wife God gave me and decided to do this thing.

4. What is your vision for What a Curious Idea? The "Big Picture Vision" is for this to provide for my family. I love talking to people, the process of editing the audio (maybe someday video), the research that goes into it, building the website, I love every bit of this so far. The entire process is a joy for me. Hopefully, the content and conversation are deemed good enough to accomplish that goal down the road. For now, however, I have committed one year to this. I do not want to dive into a thing and ask God to bless it, I want God's will to be my will from the jump. So far, good has come from it.

5. What made you want to include The 24 in your content? I believe in giving back to the source. God gives the gift of money, one ought to give it back with a tithe or donation to people in need for example. Dallas 24 Hour Club gave me security and the gift of confidence. If I can give back to the two-four somehow, then I will jump on the opportunity. This appears to be one way to do that, to feature the philosophy of the house's spirit.

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