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Meet Lisa Maddox, Alum and Business Operations Manager

Lisa came to The 24 in 2023 ready to recover and embrace her Brand New Start. She was hired as the Business Operations Manager in February 2024.

Lisa Maddox

How did you get started with drugs and alcohol? I can’t really recall when I started drinking. It was around 21 years when I would binge drink but have long periods of sobriety. However, in 2017 I went full deep into the bottle and didn’t come out until June 3, 2023.

How did you end up at Dallas 24 Hour Club? When I tried recovery before someone once said to me that you are not willing to get sober until you are ready to sleep on a mat at The 24. Once I knew I was done, I remembered that and brought myself to The 24.

What does Recovery mean to you? Recovery means I get to be me – the real me, not the façade I think people want to see. It means peace and freedom.

What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is being able to turn my life around.

Lisa with friends at the Texas State Fair

What is your greatest blessing? My greatest blessing was the gift of desperation. That gift turned everything around and allowed me to no longer have a black hole in my soul. Desperation allowed me to get back so many blessing that I threw away.

Finish this sentence: if it weren’t for Dallas 24 Hour Club… If it wasn’t for Dallas 24 Hour Club, I truly believe that I would be in the morgue.

What is one thing you want people to know? The thing I want people to know about me is that I am a total nerd….nerd for sobriety! No, really, I’m a huge dork.


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