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Safety Officer

Eric Mingori is from Melbourne, Florida where he grew up and remained through adulthood. Alcohol and drugs played a dominant role in his life which led ultimately to Eric being homeless and living out of his car. After admitting defeat to his mother and brother, Eric moved to Texas to be closer to them and to start a new life.

His early road to Recovery was bumpy before coming to Dallas 24 Hour Club in late Spring of 2022. As a 24 Resident, Eric worked a 12-Step program for the first time and became surrounded by a sober, supportive community which “made all the difference… everything finally lined up”. He worked in The Hubcap Café before being hired for his current position as Safety Officer. Eric has progressed in the program and is thriving as a Phase 3 Resident in the Tillman House. He now enjoys a healthy lifestyle, including various forms of exercise, and has made lasting friendships in the Recovery community.

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