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Operations Director

Joseph Sapienza was born and raised in Queens, New York - the son of a World War 2 Veteran. After graduating from Baruch College, Joseph helped grow a small business into a very successful family company while starting his own family and helping raise his two beautiful children.

Fast forward 20 2015, he found himself homeless, and out of ideas in Terrell, Texas, all as a direct result of not surrendering to the disease of alcoholism which had gripped him for decades. Today he is happy, healthy and serving as a Program Manager for Dallas 24 Hour Club, a place that got him back on his feet and helped pave the way to a brand new life.

“Sitting down and hearing someone’s experience as a past resident allows me the unique opportunity to pass on what was so generously offered to me. My path is the same path our Residents "get to" travel today. If that shared experience provides a resident who calls The 24 home with even just one extra ounce of hope to make it through that day on their way to a brand new life, then I've done my job.”

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