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Development Coordinator

Kristen Eddy was born and raised in Richardson, Texas. She belongs to a strong and loving family whom she loves deeply. Her upbringing was full of love and promise, but something internally never felt quite right. After high school, Kristen found that drugs and alcohol seemed to solve her issues with self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression, but the reality of her alcoholism and drug addiction took hold quickly and progressed over the next decade. Ultimately, her emotional consequences were what led her to accept help through treatment, sober living, and the 12-Steps. God has blessed Kristen with the gift of sobriety, as she recovered from a ‘hopeless state of mind & body’ 4 years ago.

Kristen is thrilled to have joined the Dallas 24 Hour Club team as Development Coordinator. She has attended the Saturday night 10pm meeting at The 24 for years and treasures the opportunity to share hope and strength with Residents. Kristen enjoys a beautiful life now. She spends time with close friends, her beloved family, extended family in the 12-Step Fellowship, cherished sponsees, and her precious dog Cubby.

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