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CEO Emeritus

Marsha Williamson is a seasoned nonprofit professional who has successfully led organizations through critical periods of establishment, growth and transition. Her expertise includes managing complex projects, building and managing staff, fundraising, creating organizational structure, leading non-profit Board of Directors, conducting strategic planning studies for facilities and operations, and producing special events of every size.

Marsha has worked with Dallas 24 Hour Club since 2013, first as its Development Director, and then as its Executive Director. In December of 2017 she became the CEO of The 24.

Marsha’s passion as CEO is to encourage the residents in every way possible to live a rich, fulfilling life of recovery, and to become contributing members of society. She rejoices with them when they successfully graduate and begin the next chapter of their lives. She and her staff also make every effort to help those who relapse and stumble to get back on the path of recovery.

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