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Safety Officer

Mikhael was born in La Rochelle, France where he lived until moving to Utah at age 6. Mikhael was introduced to meth and heroin around age 12. A few years later, he was sent to Texas to live with his dad. Mikhael went to school in Irving and Arlington but was frequently in trouble due to his drug use. He scored high on the ACT test, earning a full-ride scholarship to Texas A&M, but drugs had become such a part of Mikhael’s life that he lost the scholarship and plans for his future.

The passing of Mikhael’s mother was a tragic wake-up call which moved him to find a support group where others recognized the anguish he was experiencing. One member told Mikhael about Dallas 24 Hour Club and even gave him a ride. It was overwhelming when he arrived, as there were so many people, but Mikhael opened up using humor, trying to help make others feel better about their own situations. Mikhael is a Chapter Chair of the Oxford community and soon hopes to explore academic pursuits. With over 1 year of sobriety, Mikhael has truly embraced Recovery and a brand new way of life.

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