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Clothes Closet Cliff

Three to four months ago, I went looking for a friend of mine who I knew from Reconciliation Outreach - I lived at RO for a short period a few years ago before it became Tillman House - and I came by The 24 because he told me he used to come by from time to time. He wasn’t here but as I drove away I knew that God was telling me that I would be volunteering here.

About 2 months later, I came by and talked to Tim (Dallas 24 Hour Club COO) and told him I wanted to volunteer. The 24 was closed to the public at the time, so he told me to call him in two weeks. He thought they would be reopen by then. Two weeks later, I stopped by The 24 and he remembered me. The clothes closet needed straightening up, so got to work and became known as Clothes Closet Cliff.

I was raised in Uptown in New Orleans where I lived for 33 years before moving to Dallas. In 1983, God humbled me and prepared me for this type of ministry by having me do every type of job I never wanted to do and living in every type of place I never wanted to live.

Two years ago I retired from remodeling and repairs. Since then I’ve been relaxing and resting, but now it’s time to start doing something, so God led me to The 24.

The best part of volunteering at The 24 is I found out this place was different. The residents here have hope. They are enthusiastic and encouraged. They have smiles on their faces and multiple times throughout the day, they let me know they appreciate me. I'm Clothes Closet Cliff.

Cliff spends 25 hours each week straightening and organizing the Clothes Closet.

The Clothes Closet is available for our newcomers and residents as they attain employment and begin their journey of a brand new start.


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