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How to help a loved one suffering with addiction.

Over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction to drugs or alcohol according to, so we wanted discuss what you should do if a loved one is suffering from this disease. Below are Top 10 Suggestions from our staff and residents at Dallas 24 Hour Club on how to help someone who is suffering with addiction. For more information on this topic, please email We are always here to help.

1. Don't enable.

2. Find specialty support or counseling.

3. Don't force help. The individual must be willing to start their recovery journey.

4. Share your own experience, so they feel comfortable sharing their experience with you.

5. Be kind and don't judge.

6. Let them hit rock bottom. Only then will they be ready to accept help.

7. Be patient and love from a distance.

8. Pray about it. Pray for God's guidance.

9. Join Al-Anon and read the Big Book.

10. Educate yourself on addiction.


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