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Meet Michael, Auxillary Programs Coordinator

Michael joined the team at Dallas 24 Hour Club in early 2022, working with Residents as the Phase I Liaison. Today, Michael serves as The 24’s first Auxillary Programs Coordinator.

Last year was an incredible year of growth for Dallas 24 Hour club. With all of the new programs implemented, we realized that The 24 needed a full-time staff member to manage these programs. The position of Auxiliary Programs Coordinator was created, and Michael Gilot was the perfect person to fill it. This position manages the Stuart Bright Life Skills; A Brighter Life, the educational partnership with Dallas College, serves as staff liaison to the Friends of The 24 and manages all of the incredible volunteers.

Michael first joined the staff as a Resident serving as the Phase 1 Liaison, then became the Tillman House Men’s Liaison in early 2022. Michael, who has a background in sales, helps get our Residents engaged and excited about the many programs added. Michael uses his love of helping and serving others to excel in this position. "Sharing my experience, strength, and hope while being able to help others is the best part of this. Helping others with the same disease I have struggled with my entire life is such an honor."

Michael also has a unique perspective that allows him to see just how important these programs are to our Residents. When asked if he thought the Stuart Bright Life Skills was making an impact on our Residents, Michael said, "I have been able to watch these residents grow, to sit in the Hubcap Cafe with a pen and paper and watch them make a budget. They were empowered to ask questions and take control of their financial situations after the budgeting session of this Life Skills lesson. Even after their session, I’ve seen Cornbread Hustle make a way for our Residents to find a job that doesn’t just pay the bills but one that they enjoy and want to go to every day. We also had a session on navigating the court system, and that was incredible. There were residents who didn’t understand things, and they were able to ask questions and gain knowledge that actually helped them."

Working with the volunteers is a favorite part of Michael’s position. “They bring with them such great attitudes, and you can tell they are really happy to be there volunteering. Whether they are working the front desk or folding clothes in the clothing closet, they have such high energy, and it is a joy to have them helping out. “ He also helps our Residents find volunteer opportunities in the community. They love to be able to give back and help others.

When Michael isn’t hard at work, he enjoys all kinds of fishing and spending time with his four children and six grandchildren. He also enjoys metal detecting and recently added his 152nd hat to his baseball cap collection when he purchased one of the new Dallas 24 Hour Club hats.


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