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Meet The 24's Program Staff

The Program at The 24 consists of three Phases which provides structure, support, and accountability in a step-down module. Program Managers and other staff provide daily hands-on guidance and direction 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The goal is for Residents to maintain long-term sobriety and become contributing and self-supporting members of their community.

Currently, over 80% of our staff, including all four Program Managers, are alums of The 24. This first-hand experience is instrumental in guiding and inspiring the Residents and newcomers on their journey of Recovery.

BILLY BOWIE, Program Manager

I'm inspired to help the newcomers because I was once in their shoes. People were there to help me when I first got sober and I'm happy to be in a position to give back.

CARL WHITAKER, Program Manager

The most unique thing about The 24 is everyone on staff actually cares about each other and looks out for one another. We all have the same goals. We are a family.

DAWN LAQUAY, Women's Program Manager

Everyone on the Program Staff has had their own personal struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction. We have all been there. We will all go to any lengths to help the next person because that is how we stay sober.

AMANDA PATTON, Assistant Program Manager

My favorite part of being a Program Manager is seeing the newcomers come in with the eagerness to want to change, and being there to encourage and build them up as they begin their new life of Recovery.

If you or someone you know needs help, we are here. To inquire about intake or our Program, please speak with a Program Manager by calling 214-823-3200, ext. 1 or by visiting The 24 (4636 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204) during intake hours: 7 days per week, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


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