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Meet the Steak Night Grill Master

Scene, the Phase 2 Men's Liaison, has been grilling steaks for Steak Night intermittently since 2005.

Tell me about your experience with Steak Night.

I think it was about 2005, I came to The 24 because I knew about this place and hung around this place a lot. For about 10 months, I worked in the kitchen and helped with Steak Night. Back then, Steak Night was every Friday night, instead of once a month like it is now. People got used to it, so they came every Friday night. It was a very cheap way to get a steak and baked potato, so it was nice, but it was overkill for the cooks. It was very trying. I think we do more volume now every month.

I first started grilling when I was up in Iowa raising my family. It was a ritual type thing for my family and I loved it. During that time, I developed a steak seasoning to my liking. I didn’t realize other people would like it also. Now we use it on the steaks for Steak Night.

The first month I grilled at The 24 last year, I was grilling in the dark and couldn’t really see what I was doing. I think three steaks came back that night, which compared to the hundred steaks that we sold that night, it’s pretty good odds. The next month it was less mistakes and the next month was less and so on. It was just getting more exciting for me, because I thought, “Gosh, I guess I am doing a good job!” I was in competition with myself. I’ve been grilling Steak Night for 8 months now. Last month, one steak game back just to warm it up. It wasn’t over cooked or under cooked, so we’ve got a system down that is off the chain and everyone loves it. When you have about 100 steaks that you’re grilling and not one comes back…that’s pretty good.

In your opinion, how has Steak Night changed?

Oh it’s much more organized now than back in the day, but the real change is in the atmosphere. Doing Steak Night every Friday night in the past, sometimes we would have bands, sometimes we wouldn’t. Now it’s more of an event. Plus back then, we grilled on charcoal, which was a challenge. Now, we use propane which works out much better because we can control the temperature. If we continue to grow, we’re going to have to get a second grill!

What is your favorite part of Steak Night?

The compliments of course! No...really though, I do my best to make sure there is a lot of love in providing good food for the people here.

What do you think the community gets out of Steak Night?

Excitement, great fellowship and great live music. It’s a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone comes together. The second or third Steak Night that I was here last year, I saw old friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in years. It just brings joy to my life. I hope and pray that Steak Night does that for everyone else too and I’m sure it does.

Steak Night occurs on the first Saturday of every month from 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm. The Steak Dinner includes a 10oz ribeye steak, loaded baked potato, ranchero beans, and a garden salad, all for $15.00. For more information, please visit the event page on the website or email


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