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New Front Landscaping at The 24: A Community Effort

Next time you stop by The 24 or pass our building on Ross Avenue, be sure to check out our new front landscaping! This project was made possible thanks to the incredible efforts of two volunteer groups and the support of our community.

Our first group of volunteers came from the Bank of America Private Business and Oil & Gas teams. We extend our deepest thanks to the eight volunteers who spent their morning removing the old foliage and mulching the new beds. It was a bigger task than our staff anticipated, so we needed an extra day to complete the planting of the new foliage.

With less than 24 hours' notice, volunteer Alums Lauren and Dennis stepped in to help with the planting. As the morning progressed, several of our Residents noticed more help was needed and six additional volunteers joined in to finish the beautification project. Tackling such a huge task in the July heat was no small feat, and we could not be more grateful to everyone involved.

We also want to give a special thanks to Hilary Killam, owner of Moss + Lichen, who designed the landscaping space and provided a mockup that greatly assisted our volunteers.

An image of the front of The 24 with the plants needed are laid out in a visual representation to show where to plant the specific species.
Landscape Mockup from Moss + Lichen

This project truly showcases the power of community and the willingness of our supporters to come together for a common goal. Thank you to all the volunteers, Alums, and Residents who made our new front landscaping a reality!


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