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Our new facility is 1 year old!

We opened our new facility on February 28, 2018 with a hand full of residents and have since then grown into a program that stays consistently full. Last year we helped over 600 people get off the streets and work towards a sober lifestyle. We are so grateful for the new facility as it provides a safe, clean, home-like environment for our residents to learn, grow and lead a sober life.

We are so appreciative of everyone who supported us throughout the process of developing and building the new facility. Now we can continue our mission without the stress of previous environmental conditions.

Thank you to YOU for your support the past year. From the bottom of our hearts (staff and residents), thank you.

"I was one of the first residents of the new facility. Now, I’m a year sober (on March 2), pregnant and I look forward to coming up to The 24 and eating at The Hubcap Café. Anytime I’m feeling weak or just need comfort, I come here. These doors provide so much comfort. Old house or new, it really doesn’t matter, but at least now we can work on our recovery in a clean environment," - Amanda, past resident.

"As a resident in 2015, I stayed in the old building, but it was so worn down and dilapidated. To see the building, where I found freedom, torn down was so bittersweet. But through kindness and generosity of a variety of contractors, there stands a new facility to offer a brand new start to the next man or woman, for what I hope is another almost 50 years! The structure may have changed, but the spirit of the 24 is present and unchanged!" - Angela, past resident and current President of Friends of The 24.


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