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#WhyIGive by Marsha Williamson

I love the word INVESTMENT because it means I'm all in! I believe in the organization so much that I am going to devote my time, effort, energy and financial resources. That's how I feel about Dallas 24 Hour Club! I'm ALL IN!

I arrived at the doorstep of The 24 in November of 2013, to support their Capital Campaign efforts. The next thing I knew I was the Interim Executive Director and I was having a really hard time going home at night because the residents had absolutely stolen my heart! I wanted to invest every ounce of energy, time and influence I had to make sure the doors to our dilapidated old building stayed open for the homeless alcoholic/addicts to make a brand new start. God planted me securely at The 24 when I became the permanent Executive Director in June of 2014. What a great journey it has been over the last five years. I have seen too many miracles to count – residents embracing long-term sobriety, working at a meaningful job, reconnecting with their families, making amends and giving back to others. They are brave warriors of recovery! I rejoice with them and mourn for those who are not quite ready to make the important changes and for those who have lost their life to addiction. My prayers are with them and their families.

I thank God every day for dropping me into the middle of The 24. What a wonderful, messy, crazy, lovely place to be and to invest in! My investment has reaped thousands of hugs, millions of smiles and lots and lots of gratitude for recovery!

Marsha Williamson is CEO of Dallas 24 Hour Club. North Texas Giving Day is September 19th. To learn more or support Dallas 24 Hour Club, visit


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