#WhyIGive by Tracy Holmes

My affiliation with The 24 began in November 2018 when I was asked by an esteemed colleague to consider being part of this wonderful and much-needed organization. Being involved in the Criminal Justice System my entire professional life has given me a front row view of the devastating consequences of homeless and addiction: county jails, state jails and penitentiaries are NOT the solution to our community’s homeless/substance abuse problems but, heartbreakingly, that is where many of this population land. The 24 IS the solution for the lucky few who find their way to our doors: doors that open into a clean, safe, loving home for those who are ready to embrace sobriety and start their lives anew. I am so grateful to see these miracles and be a part of this journey.

Tracy Holmes is Chair of the Board of Directors for Dallas 24 Hour Club.

North Texas Giving Day is September 19th.

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