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Parkland HOMES Unit

Medical and behavioral health services are provided to the Residents through Parkland HOMES Program.

The Homeless Outreach Medical Services (HOMES) Program is an effort between Parkland and the Children's Health Fund and provides much needed medical and behavioral health services to 24 Residents. Through the Parkland HOMES Unit which comes to The 24 weekly, Residents are able to receive health check-ups, immunizations, STD and HIV screening, diabetes education, smoking cessation, podiatry, individual counseling and more all for free! 95% of the Residents receive care from the Parkland HOMES Unit.

Parkland HOMES Unit

"Parkland HOMES Unit provides first class care for the Residents. By coming onsite every week, the HOMES Unit and their staff are able to meet Residents where they are to provide much needed healthcare for all issues. From the top down, office staff, drivers, doctors, and nurses, they go above and beyond in their service to indigent Dallas residents."

- Tim Grigsby, CEO

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