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Texas Tech University CCRC

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities works with our Residents so they can earn their degrees either in-person on campus or online.

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) at Texas Tech University has created a path for our recently homeless residents to obtain college degrees from Texas Tech University utilizing their online platform. CCRC supports students in recovery from alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions, as well as academically. Established in 1986, the CCRC has grown to become a national model for collegiate recovery communities. CCRC's vision was to offer a very low cost way for The 24's Residents to secure their college degree and also be a part of CCRC, which would be one more way for them establish a brand new life! Two of The 24’s Successful Graduates are attending Tech this fall and two have been accepted for the spring semester.

Texas Tech University

"Thanks to Former Board Members, Jeffrey Doman and Larry Vanderwoude, we have formed a great partnership with Texas Tech University and their Center for Collegiate Recovery Community (CCRC) which gives our Residents the opportunity to attend Tech either “in person” or “on-line” and secure their degree. CCRC’s specialized recovery and academic support increases the chances that recovering students will flourish with strengthened Recovery, personal and professional growth, and academic achievement, including retention in school, high GPAs and graduation rates. Scholarships are available for our Residents!"

- Marsha Williamson, CEO

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