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Assistant Program Manager

Mandi was born and raised outside of DFW in DeSoto, Texas. During her childhood, Mandi was very involved with the church since her uncle was a pastor. After high school, Mandi attended cosmetology school for both hair and makeup. She has worked as a hair stylist since 2008.

Mandi came to The 24 in 2018, but didn’t comply to the structure of the program, so she was discharged. Years later she was back in Dallas and back at The 24. This time at The 24, she truly worked the 12-Steps, which she had never done. She got involved and found that she had never been more fulfilled than when she was giving back. She was immediately set free and successfully completed The 24’s program. When God opened the position as Assistant Program Manager, Mandi followed the opportunity and joined the staff at The 24.

As part of the Program Staff, Mandi enjoys seeing the newcomers come in with the eagerness to want to change, and being there to encourage and build them up as they begin their new life of Recovery. Mandi has three children: Kaitlynne who goes to A&M, Landin who is in high school, and Emilyn who is in middle school.

Mandi loves spending her time outside and in nature and with her family.

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