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A Simple Haircut Makes Strides

Kadin Griswald volunteers his time cutting hair

Kadin Griswald, a barber in Farmer’s Branch, started volunteering his time and his expertise at the suggestion of this father. Upon getting his first pair of clippers in 2019, Kadin’s Dad suggested he cut hair for the homeless. After stumbling across The 24, Kadin started connecting with the staff and residents and as he says, “it’s been history ever since.”

Before The 24 closed to the public, Kadin cut hair at The 24 for the male residents on a weekly basis. Most of the time he cut hair for at least 5 men, but sometimes he would stay late to do 7-8 of the male residents. “The women oftentimes ask me if I can do their hair, but I’m not comfortable doing women’s yet, unfortunately.”

What started as an opportunity for service work has turned into a friendship and connection for Kadin. He is overjoyed each week when he sees familiar faces in the residents. It’s comforting for him to know that the guys he meets and gets to know are still there week after week.

Unfortunately, Kadin hasn’t been able to be on property at The 24 to cut hair, but the residents and staff look forward to him returning as soon as the facility opens back up to the public. “Most of our new intakes haven’t kept up with their hygiene upon arriving at The 24 and something as simple as a haircut is great for boosting moral and confidence. We are grateful to Kadin for his service and his friendship. He treats the residents like they are family which is what we promote at The 24.” said Adrienne Santaularia, Communications & Development Director

“I see the residents as my family and I want the best for them. I feel that even with a simple haircut, I am helping them out.”


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