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Dallas 24 Hour Club's Ardent Supporter

“I want to make a difference in people’s lives.” - Terry Kranz

Loyal supporter of Dallas 24 Hour Club and visionary for the Dallas All Star Chef Classic, Terry Kranz, founder of TK Culinary, calls Dallas 24 Hour Club home, not only because there lived there twice, but because it has been his home, his base within recovery. After serving two separate, three year terms as a Board Member, Terry continues to give his time and energy to the residents of Dallas 24 Hour Club hoping that their lives will be forever changed as his was.

My time at Dallas 24 Hour Club started when I was dropped off there by my family. I spent the first night in Phase 1 sleeping on a mat on a slanted floor due to the dilapidated state of the old facility. After few days, I moved up to Phase 2 where I slept on a bunk. These little steps started my journey. I started to get some self-worth back. After six months at The 24, I successfully discharged, but decided I needed some more “seasoning”, so I went back out. I continued this cycle another time until I went back out HUGELY and wrecked everything. That’s when I met my Sponsor and decided to just actually do the work to get sober. I saw that my life was about making decisions based on fear and these fearful decisions are what got me thrown in jail 40 times. The instant I got sober was when I fully decided to go through the work. That day, my Sponsor asked me three questions, “Are you done for good and all? Are you willing to go to any lengths? Can you call me every day?” I responded yes, but even more than that, I meant it. What I witnessed was that he was actually doing the deal. He was not only taking me through the step-work, but he was also walking the walk. At that moment, we started a journey. That was 15 years ago.

Kranz dancing at the Dallas All Star Chef Classic

Truly the miracle of sobriety is unity, service and recovery. When you have all three, life is a miracle. You can’t pick and choose one or the other. It is all. If I could have prayed away the addiction, I would have. If I could have serviced it away, I would have. If I could have hung out with the fellowship, I would have, but it doesn’t work like that. The magic truly happens when you have all three working at once. I have a design for living and now my life is about helping another human being. I’ve been through all the treatment programs. I firmly believe that what we have at Dallas 24 Hour Club is truly what works for the suffering addict or alcoholic. Here we get to put what we learn into use. My family doesn’t pay my way in recovery. I pay my own way.

I’m excited about the growth we are making within the city of Dallas. The money we raise at Dallas 24 Hour Club actually goes back to making a difference in not only the recovery community, but the homeless community. We have a much larger footprint than just this small space within our facility. Our mission is being spread. People want to be part of the work we are doing. We are truly making a difference in this world.

Why do I give my time and support to Dallas 24 Hour Club? I’m at home. Period. This is where my seed was planted. This is where my tree will grow. I’m at home.


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