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Highlights of our first 90 days

"My favorite moment from our first 90 days was on our first Steak Night event in April.

I watched a dozen people singing along to the radio, laughing and enjoying their steak together and realized about half of them were homeless three days earlier. Not only were they homeless, but they were hopeless. Now they had hope."

 - Joseph Sapienza, Program Manager


  • Moved in over 80 guests

  • Successfully discharged 17 residents

  • Launched an admin and marketing training program for residents

  • Bayside Dental offered to provide dental work for all our residents.

  • April's services totaled $35,000 and even included dentures.

  • Residents received free haircuts in May

  • Launched loyalty program for The Hubcap Cafe -

  • "Purchase 9 meals, get the 10th FREE"

  • Held the first annual Mother's Day Brunch for the residents that are mothers



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