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Message from our COO, Tim Grigsby

First off, we want to sincerely thank all of our supporters for answering the call during the COVID-19 crisis in a variety of ways. The response to North Texas Giving Tuesday Now was phenomenal. We raised over $20,000, which are necessary funds we will use to cover expenses for our residents' needs which were incurred over the last two months. We even had a few $5 donations, which proves that even a small gift can add up to be a great support. Thank you to everyone who donated and spread the word about North Texas Giving Tuesday Now. We couldn't have done it without you.

Mother's Day Brunch

Food donations from a variety of supporters allowed us to feed our residents a few family-style meals which encouraged morale and connectedness. Both of which are much needed at The 24! We even served a Mother's Day brunch for all the female residents who couldn't spend the day with their children or mothers. Desserts were provided by the Advocates and boy were they delicious!

Unfortunately, we suspended clothing donations temporarily, but the silver lining of that was it has given us time for some much-needed Spring Cleaning! Colleen, our Assistant Program Manager, has taken the lead on the clothing Spring Cleaning and she has us ready for donations as soon as we can open to the public again!

We are happy to report that all the residents are safe, sober, and learning to live a new life free from drugs and alcohol. An intake can still check-in and receive help after detox and our staff continues to be in constant communication with The City of Dallas, Parkland Hospital, and other local agencies regarding best practices for communal living. Our hope is to gradually reopen the club to members of the public soon, so everyone can attend a meeting or enjoy a meal in The Hubcap Cafe, our onsite restaurant. It is a strange time, but we look forward to community fellowship with everyone again soon!

Tim Grigsby, COO


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