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My Giving Story

My giving story began a year ago, when I started working for Dallas 24 Hour Club. Marsha Williamson is a family friend and asked me to help with the 2017 Chef Classic. Within months of working for Marsha and The 24, I fell in love with the organization, 

but more importantly, I fell in love with the residents. Their determination and passion for overcoming their disease inspired me to want to help them even more than we already were. I began helping our residents with resume writing, finding a job, and achieving success through programs that we implemented like the Marketing Assistant Program, Kitchen Training Program and the Women's Empowerment Program. 

Please join me today and the remainder of the year by making a donation to Dallas 24 Hour Club. Our new facility costs over $2,400 per day to run, so we need every little bit of help to maintain the facility and our program. To those that have donated, thank you so much. Your gift will allow us to continue our mission and help our residents. Thank you!

- Adrienne Santaularia, Marketing Director


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