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My giving story started 12 years ago when I first discovered The 24. I was 18 years old and couldn’t stop using drugs and alcohol, I had no place to go and ended up staying at The 24 for a few days. At the time, I was not ready to get sober and ended up leaving, but an impression was definitely made. When I did eventually get sober a year later, I became very involved in the recovery community and spent a lot of time at The 24 with friends and residents. It was the one place where I always felt a huge relief as I walked up to the doors. The 24 has always felt so homelike to me and I always felt like I belonged. Throughout the years I have always come around, and each time I feel such a humbling experience from this place, and from the people that live here.

For years, I have been flopping around from different jobs, never feeling like I belonged. I knew that God had somewhere amazing for me to be, but it just wasn’t the right time yet. In August of 2018, I was miserable at my current job and looking for something else. I saw a post from someone that worked at The 24 that they were hiring for a part-time position. I was so excited and I immediately emailed my resume on that Friday. Monday I interviewed and by that afternoon I was offered a position here, and I am so truly grateful for this rare opportunity to be able to work at this wonderful place. A place where I am passionate about the work being done and get to see all the miracles that are happening on a daily basis.

That is what makes it so easy to give. Recovery is the most important part of my life today, and I am more than willing to give back. I believe in permanent recovery, and if I can be a small part of helping make that start possible for the person still struggling today, it is so worth it to me. I give because I was once at that same place. Someone gave to me and it forever changed my life.

- Briar Akins, Administrative Assistant


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