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Understanding Monthly Giving

At Dallas 24 Hour Club, we rely heavily on our Monthly Donors because their gifts allow us to plan ahead and make sure we will have enough in the budget to keep our doors open and our lights on. Even $15 per month helps! We have embarked on a new initiative to gather more Monthly Donors since they are so valuable to our organization’s planning. So, what is Monthly Giving and how can someone get involved? Great question!

What is Monthly Giving?

Monthly Giving is a set amount that a donor will give on a monthly, bi-monthly or even annual basis. Monthly is the most frequent in reoccurring giving, but the frequency is up to whatever the donor prefers. By giving monthly, or becoming a Key Holder of The 24, donors will join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making committed gifts to continue providing a brand new start for Dallas 24 Hour Club’s residents.

Why should we give monthly?

Dallas 24 Hour Club costs about $3,500 per day to operate. Monthly gifts provide predictable revenue and sustained support to continue the Dallas 24 Hour Club program, aid the residents, and make sure we can keep our doors open for many years to come. Plus, Monthly Giving is good for donors too! By becoming a Key Holder of The 24, donors are able to spread their gift across the entire year, lessening the immediate financial impact. Think of the gift as a monthly subscription like Netflix or a newspaper subscription. In addition, the Key Holders of The 24 will receive exclusive incentives including a Welcome Gift, photos and videos of the residents they’ve impacted firsthand, quarterly progress reports with updates and stories, and discounted tickets to Dallas 24 Hour Club’s annual event, Dallas All Star Chef Classic.

How much should I donate each month?

The monthly gift is totally up to you! We’ve put together a few levels to showcase how the funds are used, but you by no means have to stick to these levels. Even $5 or $15 per month helps!

Friend, $15 each month – provides bus passes for 4 residents who cannot afford transportation

Companion, $24 each month – pays for a new resident who cannot afford their Guest Fee for 2 days

Sponsor, $50 each month – provides AA Big Books to 5 new residents who are getting ready to embark on their 12-Step journey

Advocate, $100 each month -  feeds the 35 Phase 1 residents breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 day

Superstar, $500 each month – funds a get together for the residents to promote fellowship and to show how to have fun sober

Where can we give monthly?

Great question! On our website, there is a “Donate” button that will link to the form to become a Key Holder of The 24. Just click the “Donate” button and you’ll be re-directed. Fill out your contact information, donation amount, and you’re set. We’ll do the rest each month!


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