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Update from The 24

Residents playing cornhole on Monday, March 16, 2020

Our small, but mighty and committed on-site staff is working on jet fuel to provide the necessary services to provide safe, sober transitional living for our residents as they weather the difficulties surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus. They are ensuring our residents’ safety by providing them with the proper protocol to stay well – AND all is well! Some of our residents have been laid off their jobs for the time being. Our staff is researching job opportunities and is helping them make new connections.

We are also very grateful for our Resource Partners. We have worked in tandem with them to share best practices and protocol for this new “normal.”

Though some of us are working from home, we are in constant contact with our on-site staff to provide extra support and input. We appreciate all of our Board of Directors and Friends of The 24’s support, too!

Marsha Williamson, CEO

Tim Grigsby, COO


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