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#WhyIGive by April Horton

When I came to the 24 after getting kicked out of rehab, I was barely hanging on to any thread of hope that I could get or stay sober. Sobriety was something I had almost stopped chasing because I honestly didn’t believe that I was worth it or that it was even possible at all. The 24 has given me access to the tools to not just survive but actually live life. I have learned so much about not just sobriety, but relationships and everyday life here.  I recently got the opportunity to take a position at Dallas 24 Hour Club and I jumped at the opportunity to be surrounded by the recovery and grow with the magic of the 24. I’m so honored to be able to give my time to the place that has given me hope and a chance at so much more.

April Horton is the Administrative Assistant for Dallas 24 Hour Club.

North Texas Giving Day is September 19th.


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